About Jessica

If I’d had a coach to support me through the difficulties of my teenage years and my personal life, I could have embraced life very differently!

My background…

I grew up the daughter of two well-known Italian actors. When I was a little girl and later in my teens, I liked nothing more than to watch my parents on stage from the wings.

It was the only world I knew, and the only one I loved. So, with no great surprise, after obtaining a degree in modern languages, I went to drama school to get my diploma in acting.

It took a good few years to come to the realisation that acting wasn’t for me. However talented or not I was, was not the point.

After a lot of soul searching, I could no longer avoid the truth staring me in the face. The only reason I wanted to be an actor was because I wanted the applause. I needed the applause.

Having identified my profound lack of self-esteem as the common denominator in all the choices I’d made until then, I got to work on ‘me’ and abandoned the acting.

My new journey began. I studied for a diploma in nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, then returned to lecture as a practising nutritional therapist for several years. My desire to empower, encourage, support and build self-esteem drives my underlying motivation to teach, mentor, lecture, train and coach – and will do for years to come.

Why coaching girls?

I have an affinity with girls, simply because I was one. Arguably, girls and young women – particularly in this new century – have added pressures compared to boys and young men, exposing them to further potential issues.

Self-doubt, for me, started very early on, accompanying me into my adolescence and adulthood. My teenage years were very troubled, making my transition into adulthood somewhat painful.

For this reason, girls – especially teenage girls – are very close to my heart. I get them. I am genuinely interested in them, in what they say and how they say it; in what they want to express but feel they can’t; in what they talk about and in the choices they make, based on how they feel about themselves.